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Wreaths & Succulents

Add living succulents to a box with long lasting Proteas and other cut flowers to create a living garden. When the flowers are gone, the planter box creates a beautiful lasting container for these desert gems.

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

Audrey Hepburn

Cactus Minis in Hand Thrown Ceramic Planter

These living cactus minis make the perfect gift – they are easy to care for and can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. Each cactus comes in an original ceramic planter hand thrown and glazed by our favorite potter and local So Cal artist, Amy at Claypawss in Temecula, CA. Each pot is 4 3/4″ tall (plus the height of the cactus) and ships USPS Priority. $55.00 + shipping. Comes with gift card and your custom message. Call to place order.

The celebration of eternal life, the passage of seasons, the renewal of spring, everlasting love and eternal peace, a wreath celebrates the endless circle of all things. Our wreaths are available year round and make perfect housewarming and birthday gifts. These are just a few samples of our gorgeous wreaths but each of our wreaths is a work of art, custom made from hand selected flowers picked and sourced to your specifications just for your wreath. Mounted on sturdy steel clamp frames they are meant to be dried and enjoyed for weeks. In the fall, they are a seasonal favorite and we often sell out, so order ahead of time in November for the holiday season.

Call us to place custom orders 425.213.2040