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i found my flower, there she was, she caught my eye and captured my heart. i listened to her…she called out to me with her colors and warmth, held me with her softness and beauty, silently asking only that i let her grow, and let her be, and love her for who she was: my flower

― Bodhi Smith, Bodhi Smith Impressionist Photography

The language of flowers. A promise of eternal love. A vow of allegiance. An expression of gratitude. An outpouring of sympathy. Throughout the ages flowers have symbolized meaning in cultures around the world. One of the most beautiful and fleeting creations on earth, these fragile blooms capture a moment in time and awaken our senses to the beauty that surrounds us. From the smallest dinner party, to reunions and anniversary celebrations, weddings and corporate events, we can help set the botanical mood for your most memorable occasions.

Daniela & Logan, La Casa Del Camino, Laguna Beach

D’arcy & Benjamin. Dana Point Yacht Club

Gail & Rick. Private Estate, Anza Borrego Desert

Michael & Lucy. The Cottages, Temecula

John & Angela. Private Estate, Vista

Ofir & Alexis. Safari Park, San Diego

Erin & Serg. Brooklyn Winery, Brooklyn, New York

Jake & Alicia. Ace Hotel, Palm Springs

Caitlyn & Zach. Salt Drift Point, San Diego

Kristi’s Tropical Garden Wedding. Private Estate, Fallbrook

Megan & Steven’s Reception. La Casa Del Camino, Laguna Beach

Ky & Drew. Private Estate, Temecula

Sophia & Nick. Private Garden in Vista

Bridal Bouquets